Place :: Ciudad de México, México
Year :: 2013
Category :: Culture
Product :: Interactive Table
Client :: Museo de la Ciudad de México
Mapoteca Interactive Digital (MID). Mexico City throughout its maps (version 1.0). siete|media in collaboration with the Museum of Mexico City, presented, within the framework of the Mexican Open of Design, the first version of the Mapoteca Interactiva Digital (Interactive Digital Map Library). The project is an installation that narrates the evolution of Mexico City through its cartography, with maps that make up part of the collection of the Archivo Histórico del Distrito Federal (Mexico City’s Historical Archive) and the Acervo del Museo de la Ciudad de México (Archive of the Museum of Mexico City). This project seeks to highlight different historical-geographical moments of importance in the building of the city, from a tour that covers a timeline of five centuries of history (1524-1929).
The browsing and manipulation of each map is made possible through sensors that detect different hand gestures allowing the user to move by each blueprint and zoom in or zoom out in specific areas of the projected document. The images can be selected to obtain more information on the map and its context in such a way that we can witness the growth and expansion of Mexico City in the last 500 years. To supplement the reading of the maps, we have a projection that presents a panoramic photograph that places us in each era of the different available blueprints.

This is version 1.0. We will keep working with the Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico and the Archivo Histórico del Distrito Federal to present version 2.0 very soon. Project done in collaboration with Eduardo Melendez.