Janus 360º
Place :: Mexico City, Mexico
Year :: 2014
Area :: Culture
Product :: Video Mapping
Client :: Patronato Ruta de la Amistad
siete|media conceptualized and produced an artistic event for the Australian Embassy and La Ruta de la Amistad Board. The objective was to revive the forgotten sculptures produced at the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico, where 17 countries donated a sculpture in commemoration of fraternity amongst nations.

Janus, from the Australian artist Clement Meadmore was relocated thus we decided to take it as an opportunity to follow up on a work series that we had made and called “Augmented Sculptures Series” using 360º video mapping technology.

Jano (Janus, for its Latin root) is a Roman mythology God portrayed as having two faces, looking in opposite directions: one looks to the future and the other to the past. Described by Albert Camus in his novel The Fall as a character with a strong duality, he was our inspiration for this work. The challenge for us and for our partners was to making a 360º video mapping of a completely asymmetric sculpture.

Our projections were accompanied with sounds produced live by the artist Luis Méndez, who played the didgeridoo and the vocal harps and the electronic sounds of DJ My & Myself. There were also images produced by the VJ artists Moisés Regla and Ari.

All this took place in Mexico City, at the intersection of the two very important highways: Insurgentes and Periférico. This is a particular urban spot where people gather. And for this occasion, spectators enjoyed the contradictory blending of the modernist past with the video mapping, the didgeridoo sounds with the electronic music, the static and the dynamic.

The Australian Ambassador inaugurated the new position of the sculpture. There was Australian wine, and close to 400 people came by bus, car or bicycle. The event started at 7:30pm and ended up at midnight.

This project was made possible thanks to: Eliuth Herrera and the team of Kardia Producciones, Moises Regla, Ari, DJ My & Myself, Luis Méndez, Luis Clériga, Rodrigo Sánchez and Jordi.