Interface, National Videoteque
Place :: Ciudad de México, México
Year :: 2013
Area :: Cultura
Product :: Imagen
Client :: Cineteca Nacional
The Cineteca Nacional de México announced the creation of the Videoteca Nacional (National Video Library). This initiave aims at strengthening the preservation of the film legacy of the country. The purpose is to disseminate and place within reach of the spectators the vast film archives of 35 thousand titles of the Cineteca Nacional. The video library is a space within the Cineteca that has 25 film booths spread throughout three levels with a total area of 286 square meters. This new space offers a digital platform with an accessible browser, so the user can play the film of his choice. The Videoteca is the first point of reference of the Cerebro Digital de la Imagen (Digital Brain of Images).
Also, the system of the Videoteca, allows users access to photographs, documents, film posters and audio files of the films.
siete|media was in charge of the interface design for the entire system, which can be browsed with the arrows of a board to the petition of the Cineteca’s team.
Project done with collaboration of Enlace de Datos, Rafael Altable and Jorge Badillo.