Green Solutions @ COP 16
Place :: Ciudad de México, México
Year :: 2010
Area :: Gobierno
Product :: Imagen, Evento
Client :: Proméxico
The Mexican government has put in place policies, programs and specific actions to promote de usage of clean and renewable energy. Within the framework of the COP16, Green Solutions is part of the federal government’s strategic effort to reduce the effects of the climate change.
More than 50 meetings with international company directors, 6 State secretaries, as well as big personalities attended Green Solutions at the Coral Beach hotel in Cancun Mexico.
siete|media was commissioned by ProMexico to create and execute all corporate image for this event of great importance.
More than 70 graphic applications were made. We conceptualized and made an interactive calculator of CO2 emissions, creating an exhibit called Green Home which showed a large amount of products that do not impact the environment in an aggressive way, the 6 different rooms with their possible scenarios were designed, a web page, the motion graphics, the interactive modules of electronic information on how to save paper. We also designed the digital signaling in LED monitors, which consume 60% less energy that a conventional monitor and the ambiance for an exhibit in low emission autos. To see a complete gallery of this project, go to the Flickr page of siete|media. This project was made possible with the support of: Erika Godinez, Dunia Carcamo, Jesus Herrera, Rodrigo Sanchez, Andrea Manzano, Moises Regla, Juan Pablo Arces, Carlos Cursaro, Alex Velarde and Crea.