Fecha: 2011
Lugar: Ciudad de México, México
Etiquetas: Tecnología, Mesa Interactiva, Restaurante
siete|media was invited to give a lecture on information visualization as part of the activities of the Campus Party MX in 2011. The tile of the lecture was “Infographics: their history, use and current need” with the objective of making a brief retrospective on the use of infographics and to value the importance when used in the right way, in this era of data oversaturation. With some food for thought, the aim was to take the visitors on a visual journey in the use of different infographics in different scenarios. During the lecture, each one of the cases was broken apart to make it clear the functionality of an infographic. With examples that went from the historical up to the contemporary our message was that an infographic not only shows data or generates information, but it is a catalyst for a specific reflection.