About us

siete|media is a international company, specializing in the use of new media. Focused on innovation through the fusion of design and technology.

Our raw material is data. We transform it into electronic information and finally into communication through interactive experiences, electronic museography, interactive showrooms, apps for mobiles, corporate events and the development of corporate imagery, with a strong technological component.

Taking inspiration from the Cell our way of working is organic. The cell is a simple structure that lives with and through the coordinated effort of each of its constituent parts. In our company we share the workload, therefore, each member of the team understands the responsibilities of each part, and as such, we grow and develop as a unit. We work in compact, highly specialized and independent groups. This allows us to grow quickly while adapting ourselves to the market and to today´s pervasive and ever-changing technology.
Our potential clients are government and cultural institutions, commercial brands, museums, and corporations eagerly seeking innovation mixed with contemporary creative development.

siete|media started operations in 2007. The team has many years of experience within the electronic media design and what we call information aesthetics (Ux – User Experience). To the date, we have developed more than 150 projects of varying sizes in Mexico and Canada, Colombia, Spain, France, Switzerland, England, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, and China.

Roberto López

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DNA // Studied Industrial Design in Mexico, Design with Electronic Media, and Design Management in Germany. He has professional experience with more than 250 multidisciplinary strategic design projects in Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Invited professor during four semesters at the Köln International School of Design in Cologne, Germany, where he headed projects in the fields of interface design, the conceptualization of interactive installations, design management, and analysis for the creative use of social media. He is a founding partner of siete|media.

Diego Arrangoiz

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CORE // Has a B.A. in Information Design. He spent one year at the Köln International School of Design (KISD) in Cologne, Germany. His professional career encompasses experience with international companies, and as an entrepreneur dedicated to the organization of cultural events. His work at siete|media specializes in research and development of technology (hardware and software) applied to each one of our projects. He is a siete|media partner since 2007.

Alejandro Alonso

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ENDOPLASM // Has a B.A. in Business from the Universidad De Las Américas. He spent one year at the University of Vienna in Austria, specializing in International Project Management. He founded two companies dedicated to the organization of political and cultural events, he partnered with siete|media in 2007. His specialty is planning, organization, and production logistics; he is the liaison with suppliers and collaborators in each of our projects.